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Pedro Taborda

Pedro was a paradox. He seemed distant but he was close. He seemed busy but he was available. He seemed serious but he was hilarious. He seemed dumb but he was intelligent. He seemed arrogant but he was tolerant. He seemed cautious but he was adventurous. The fact the he seemed to be the first before he actually was the second made him – even more – special and likable. Lovable.[continue reading]

Being his little and only brother, I experienced first-hand the impact of his apparent characteristics... [continue reading]

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23.05.2018 - Mother

Pedro and Pedrinho, his nephew

Some moments with Pedrinho

22.05.2018 - Rui Dias Cardoso

27 de Dezembro de 2013: mais um Natal juntos

Saudades imensas meu amigo.

21.05.2018 - Tia

Aunt Nono

– with Titino, 08/79, Barragem Castelo de Bode – with Titino, wonderful time, NY city, Read more

21.05.2018 - Mother

Adventure, with Jose

Great adventure

21.05.2018 - Mother

Tender moments

Batizado sobrinho Pedro, 05/2012; Brincadeiras com sobrinho Pedro.

21.05.2018 - Mother


Some others birdays, 29/05/96 and 29/05 98, Lisbon

21.05.2018 - Mother


Two years birthday.

09.05.2018 - Nicolas Razzouk


Taborda chose his friends based on two simple attributes: 1- if they were good people, Read more

[Azores] - 07.05.2018 - Joana Granado

Family Vacations

It was a long time ago. We were kids. We had family vacations together to Read more

04.05.2018 - Will Riakos

May 2015

It was Taborda’s 40th and he celebrated in style with three separate celebrations to accommodate his Read more