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Pedro Taborda

Pedro was a paradox. He seemed distant but he was close. He seemed busy but he was available. He seemed serious but he was hilarious. He seemed dumb but he was intelligent. He seemed arrogant but he was tolerant. He seemed cautious but he was adventurous. The fact the he seemed to be the first before he actually was the second made him – even more – special and likable. Lovable.[continue reading]

Being his little and only brother, I experienced first-hand the impact of his apparent characteristics... [continue reading]

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    21.08.2017 - Marcello Graziuso

    On the road

    Route 66.  An American automatic car.  Friends.  What else?  Pedro in the back seat entertaining all Read more

    06.07.2017 - Gil Azevedo

    The Portuguese gang at CBS

    I first met Pedro in New York in August 2003. Like everyone else, I became Read more

    03.07.2017 - Jose Lara


    My dear Pedro, What the hell was this costume? Blue hair and an inflatable palm Read more

    03.07.2017 - Jose Lara


    We travelled to Cancun when we finished our MBA in Columbia, June 2005 This picture Read more

    29.06.2017 - Mãe - Mother

    Mais fotos – More photos

    Tiradas em Junho de 2014, quando veio viver para Lisboa. Pediu a um amigo, Miguel Read more

    26.06.2017 - Mãe- Mother

    Minha fotografia – My photo

    Para o filho que sempre me encheu de orgulho em todas as fases da vida: Read more

    12.06.2017 - Jose Lara

    Last Happy Hour

    We spent 2 wonderful years during our MBA in Columbia May 2005, we had our Read more

    07.06.2017 - Jose Lara

    South Africa

    I went with Pedro to South Africa for Christmas 2007. Amazing trip… If I ever quit Read more

    07.06.2017 - Jose Lara

    Punta del Este

    I have this picture in my living room. I think that the “hand in the Read more

    06.06.2017 - Martinho Almada


    Taborda was almost part of our family coming to dinner when he was in London.We LOVED to hear his stories when he goes travelling with his friends and family, he always made us laugh and I loved to talk with him he was a good and funny man I will never forget him memories martinho