Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

19.05.2017 - Pedro Furtado Reis

Always together

A couple of years back, Taborda came across some old notes whilst doing some spring cleaning in his bedroom at his parents’ house. Scribbles from when he was 14, which summed up what he, at the time, anticipated for his life.

He had written a table with 3 columns. A column with various age milestones, another with academic and professional objectives and a last one with personal goals.

It read something like this:

– At the age of 15; 10th year grade; own a motorbike;

– At the age of 18; start university; own a car;

– At the age of 24; finish off university / get 1st job; move out from parent’s house;

– At the age of 30; have a somewhat important position at work; get married;

– At the age of 35, reach an important position at work, have kids;

– At the age of 60, retire.

The sequence was simple, logic, pragmatic, like in all of Taborda’s viewpoints.

But he wrapped up his thoughts, perhaps scared about such unexciting outlook, with big capital letters and exclamation marks: NO, NO, NO!

His journey, as we know, took a different path. But his approach to life was never less pragmatic, and the way he lived his life was much richer than his original script.

We all wished we had Taborda’s life and we all wanted him in our lives.

And that’s how it will still be.

For us:

You will always be young, in a good mood and with a caring smile.

You will always be witty and straight to the point with your superbly articulated views.

You will always be happy, because you always look at the bright side of life, and you put in perspective what really doesn’t matter.

You will always be on holidays, on the best beach, with a perfect tan.

You will always be seated at the liveliest table at any given party, I’m sure.

You will always be surrounded by friends and you will always have your family’s unconditional support.

Taborda, or Miguel, or Pedro (depending on at what stage in life you have first met him):

We will miss you! A lot.

You have entered our lives and you will never leave.

We will always stay together.