Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

[New York] - 02.10.2017 - Javier Aguila


Two things always came, come and will come to my mind when thinking of my friend Pedro: New York, and his infinite smile.

While we have travelled the world  and shared many fun and memorable moments together in Brazil, London, Mexico, etc., New York will always be when and where all started.

For those of us that shared the unique experience of doing our MBA in New York, we often refer to it as the best to years of our life. There we studied (some), enjoyed life (some more), and grew as individuals (a lot). Well, Pedro was an absolute cornerstone of those fantastic times, as he impacted us in many ways.

What would be quickly evident and come first, was Pedro’  smarts, which he was selflessly sharing with classmates and friends either in the library, in tutorials as teaching assistant, or simply around the dinner table we shared almost every day during almost two years. Those dinners where we shared our dreams, hopes and fears will always be part of us, and Pedro’s would always have something to share and contribute, often with a different perspective that would leave us thinking and help us improve in our shared journey to become men and women.

However, what made Pedro truly special was his smile. A big, frank, and warm smile that acted as a flag of Pedro’s unique approach to life. An approach to life that had multiple dimensions but some that would standout from the rest.

FIrst, his ability to make friends. It is no secret that Pedro was a social animal, wherever we would go, he will always have some friends, know the places to go and what locals would do. Having him around was always a guarantee that we would meet interesting people and go to cool places.

Second, his ability to combine not worrying about things while taking care of them. That, to me, was definetely, one of Pedro’s inner traits and the one that I would always admire the most from him. Still today, in situations where my personal tendency would be to worry about it, just thinking about how Pedro would react, has helped me to overcome it.

With that smile and approach to life Pedro taught us a priceless life lesson that will always stay with us…as he will be too, everytime we go on a new trip, embark on a new adventure, or simply share a table for dinner with our old friends

Hasta siempre AMIGO!!!!