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[New York] - 26.04.2018 - Jose Lara


Would be great if we could go back to Business School!!

[Barcelona] - 27.03.2018 - Jose Lara


My dear Pedro, My second baby girl was born on the 30th of december She Read more

[Chalten] - 20.11.2017 - Jose Lara


This was one of the best trips in our lifes. One full month travelling in Read more

[Rio de janeiro] - 20.11.2017 - Jose Lara


Pedro spent a lot of time in Rio de Janeiro We went there together for Read more

[New York] - 02.10.2017 - Javier Aguila


Two things always came, come and will come to my mind when thinking of my Read more

14.09.2017 - Mother

Short stories

Com 14 anos foi apanhado sem bilhete , no autocarro e o fiscal, levou-o esquadra para ser identificado e pagar multa. Como não tinha dinheiro para pagar a totalidade, polícia ficou de ir lá a casa, cobrar. Passados uns dias, em casa, tocaram porta e Pedro foi abrir. Era um polícia e ele viu logo do que se tratava. À pergunta do polícia: -O Sr. Pedro Miguel da Cunha Taborda, está? Pedro respondeu: -Ah! É Read more

14.09.2017 - Mother

Academic life story

School life: 1978/1979 Colégio “A Toca”, at Parede. 1979/1985 Queen Elisabeth School, Lisbon 1985/1987 Escola Read more

01.09.2017 - Jose Lara


There’s a place I go to Where no one knows me It’s not lonely It’s a necessary thing It’s a place I made up Find out what I’m made of The nights are stayed up Counting stars and fighting sleep Let it wash over me Ready to lose my feet Take me on to the place where one reviews life’s mistery Steady on down the line Lose every sense of time Take it all in Read more

21.08.2017 - Marcello Graziuso

On the road

Route 66.  An American automatic car.  Friends.  What else?  Pedro in the back seat entertaining all Read more

06.07.2017 - Gil Azevedo

The Portuguese gang at CBS

I first met Pedro in New York in August 2003. Like everyone else, I became Read more