Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

29.05.2018 - Ana

Dressing Up

Halloween 2007. I had just arrived to London and you kindly let me crash in your living room, much to the nuisance of your then flatmate and my now husband. This picture depicts the first time of many others where we dressed up (always for a better version of ourselves, otherwise there was no point) and have fun. I knew you from before, but 2007 was really the starting point of our strong connection. Getting to know you, learn with you, laugh (so hard) with you, share my insecurities, making fun of you, rolling our eyes together, having you as Mateus’ godfather and as his Lego Master Builder (a skill for life) and simply enjoying your company have been, no doubt, some of the great privileges of life. Throughout the following decade we were there/here for each other, for the good moments and the others too and I will cherish that presence forever. It’s your birthday tomorrow and we will be celebrating you around the world, missing you dearly and wishing you were here. You are our shining star and we love you dearest friend.