Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

29.05.2018 - Rafaela Feio

Friend of a lifetime

I was lucky to have met Miguel very early – at our friend Rita’s 6th or 7th birthday party. And I was blessed that that day the universe conspired for our paths to always cross from then on.

We discovered the fun and perils of the Lisbon night life together. We tasted freedom while camping on the beach in Melides before any of us had a driving license. I had already been in London for a while when you arrived and within no time it felt as if you had always been here. Those were wonderful years – how much did we laugh! Later we both jumped across the pond to Sao Paulo, and then back to London.

I have a very clear memory of an afternoon we spent together in May 2015. You were already back in Lisbon, I was in between jobs. We were on the beach in Sao Joao and it was one of those glorious pre-summer days. We had a delicious fish for lunch and I had an ice cream (you didn’t) and then sat on the beach. You had to make a work call with someone we both knew in NYC. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sunshine. After I asked for your help with an idea of a character I wanted to develop (a banker), for a book I still want to write. We took photos of the beach and the sea and I drove us back to Lisbon, in my mother’s car. I posted one of the photos of that afternoon on Instagram on June 2, as I was boarding a plane back to London. The sky is blue, the sun reflected on the sea, which looks silver and magical. I wrote only «Goodbye sunshine.”

I miss you.