Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

[New York] - 26.04.2018 - Jose Lara


Would be great if we could go back to Business School!!

[New York] - 02.10.2017 - Javier Aguila


Two things always came, come and will come to my mind when thinking of my Read more

[New York] - 03.07.2017 - Jose Lara


My dear Pedro, What the hell was this costume? Blue hair and an inflatable palm Read more

[New York] - 12.06.2017 - Jose Lara

Last Happy Hour

We spent 2 wonderful years during our MBA in Columbia May 2005, we had our Read more

[New York] - 02.06.2017 - Jose Lara

My friend

I have only known Pedro for 13 years. However, he is one of my closest Read more

[New York] - 25.05.2017 - Marcello Graziuso

New York

Forever friends.  This is where we met on the very first day of our experience Read more