Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

29.05.2018 - Sofia Pires

Mocambique 2009

We flew together from London. London-Maputo-London. And so much more in between. I think it was April. April 2009.

We got distracted chatting during our stop-over in Lisbon and almost missed our flight. But TAP called «Senhor Pedro Taborda please come to gate 17», and I’m forever grateful to him for saving one of the best holidays of my life. One that ended with both of us at the airport security, drinking shots of some Mozambiquean alcohol they didn’t allow us to bring to London. 🙂

We had so many transports fails and laughs… I think Taborda is the one to blame for losing one of our two cars and having to travel for hours on the back of the open truck we had left!

We got closer. Either because we had to squeeze 8 people in car or because we just all had to fit in the photo frames, we spent almost 3 weeks shoulder to shoulder.

I heard him listening in a work conference call and saying «I think I might be fired» without the smallest hint of worry. I heard him thanking a truck driver for the lift when that was actually a bus we had to pay for. I heard him laughing at himself over and over. And I heard him being called at the airport.

Senhor Pedro Taborda, please come fly with us.