Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

[New York] - 02.06.2017 - Jose Lara

My friend

I have only known Pedro for 13 years. However, he is one of my closest friends in life

We met at Columbia in 2003 where we became flat mates. During those two years, we always had breakfast, lunch and dinner together, for two years, every day. We spent a lot of time together and we became very close.

As a flat mate, Pedro was totally the opposite of who I was: he did not know how to cook, I had always to prepare lunch and diner. He did not care to pay the bills, I had to arrange for all the logistics. He was disorganized, I hired a cleaning lady…

As a person, Pedro was one of the smartest people I have ever met. Brilliant, always with a different point of view, careful in his reasoning, sympathetic to some one else’s arguments. I love the person he was: calm, easy-going and always genuine. He never wanted to be on the spot light and was very careful to make everybody feel comfortable. This made him a very social person, something that I have never been.

Finally, as a friend he was not always present but you knew that you could always count on him. He grew on you little by little and one day you discovered that he was so important to you that you cannot imagine your life without him.


So Pedro will always be with me. He made me a better person, he helped me to understand life in a different way.