Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

[New York] - 25.05.2017 - Marcello Graziuso

New York

Forever friends.  This is where we met on the very first day of our experience in New York and this is where, fast forward twelve years, we took this last picture together, on our way to one of our usual restaurants (Max SoHa) for one of your favourite dishes (gnocchi).  And during all those years we have shared so many lunches and dinners and moments, in different parts of the world!  Whenever I was going to travel somewhere, I would always ask you whether you will be there too and…guess what…most of the times you were there too!  Brazil, Italy, Portugal, New York, London… We will meet again to have lunches and dinners together in many new restaurants in a new part of the world and will take a new picture together, até logo Pedro!