Blogjourney in memory of Pedro Taborda

[Mallorca] - 29.05.2018 - Borja Cuellar

Mallorca, summer of 2015

Great memories of a long weekend with the Iberian Columbians!

29.05.2018 - Rafaela Feio

Friend of a lifetime

I was lucky to have met Miguel very early – at our friend Rita’s 6th Read more

29.05.2018 - André e Rita

Sampa – Junho de 2008

Primeira visita em Sampa

29.05.2018 - Andre

festa 40 anos Taborda, Halm e Reis – 24/05/2015

Best 12o year anniversary ever.

29.05.2018 - Sofia Pires

Mocambique 2009

We flew together from London. London-Maputo-London. And so much more in between. I think it Read more

29.05.2018 - Rita Baptista

Amigos de Infância

Para mim, o Pedro era o meu Amigo Miguel do 8.º. Amigos desde os 5 Read more

29.05.2018 - Rita


When we appeared to surprise MJ on her 40th birthday

28.05.2018 - Rita

Happy Birthday

On your birthday in 2008 and 2015

28.05.2018 - Rita


always great presents in our christmas dinner – Jnaps

28.05.2018 - Rita


Fantastic chalet and great ski trip in 2008